Website Start-Up

It delights me to finally have regular time to devote to my artwork. For the past two years, life circumstances have allowed me the opportunity to more fully develop the ideas that have been brewing for some time. I decided it was high time I created a website to share my work with you. It's fun to share. I hope you enjoy.

My philosophy about art is that one must work as hard as possible to find that one true way of making art that is most honest to each artist. Of course, that's different for each person. We aren't all Michelangelo. While I'd love to be Michelangelo, I know that what he creates isn't quite exactly what's in me, and that's okay. What is NOT okay is to spend my time chasing the acceptance of each and every person who views my art, because if I have done that, I have surely missed the opportunity to completely respond to my own truth.

And the truth is, I'm quite the art nerd. I enjoy art for the sheer luxury of the materials and the subject matter and the textures and the references to famous artworks and the balance and tension in the composition and...

I probably should shut up now. :D