My artworks tend to be quiet and contemplative, as a natural reflection of my personality.  My goal is to work so that my art becomes more and more sincere to my own outlook. It's a process of combining inventive ideas with a deliberate stripping away of pretense. I love contradictions, and one goal I keep in mind is a sense of calm vitality.

My landscapes tend to feature natural scenery with evidence of human impact. Rather than seek out unusually scenic vistas, my interest is pulled more toward the commonplace and mundane, as a snapshot of what is here and now rather than a nostalgic or perfect view of what we wish to see.

By the same token, a common pop bottle or tin can will more likely be chosen as a still life object than a beautiful vase or an artfully arranged bowl of fruit. "Stuff" we use every day is more personal and just seems to tell better stories.

A recurring theme is represented by things seen to be twisting and twining, much like life. These may be abstract or drawn from nature, and although they originally began to express a specific idea, I leave them purposefully non-specific, so viewers can relate to them more personally.